The Code of God –
33 Days

“You are not where you think you are.”

Here we impart to you a secret, an untold knowing, “You are not where you think you are.” My People- Day 30. 

The Soul Code –
33 Days

“Answers to life’s biggest questions.”

Answers to life’s biggest questions are clearly detailed throughout The Soul Code – 33 Days.

A great book, concise, inspirational, a bridge between Post Structuralist
Psychology and New Age ideas that offers insights into everyone’s life.
Douglas McNulty – a New Age sceptic.
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A stunning book. Beautifully authentic.
Sheryn Sutherland
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Brilliant, the truth simply and succinctly, in language, anyone can follow.
Ali Cassels
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The Soul Code/33 Days is concise, elegant feminine, and instantly stimulates the heart. I heartily recommend this book, it certainly
helped me lift my vibration.
Kim Kirkman
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