A collection of reviews from some of our readers …

“A stunning book. Beautifully authentic.”
Sheryn Sutherland.


“The Soul Code/33 Days is concise, elegant
feminine, and instantly stimulates the heart.
I heartily recommend this book, it certainly
helped me lift my vibration.”
Kim Kirkman


“Brilliant, the truth simply and succinctly,
in language, anyone can follow.”
Ali Cassels


“A great book, concise, inspirational, a bridge between Post Structuralist
Psychology and New Age ideas that offers insights into everyone’s life.”
Douglas McNulty – a New Age sceptic.

I’d like to let you know about a book I read recently by local author Marlene Harvey called The Soul Code: 33 Days.

In the style of conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. Marlene asks questions of an ‘energy’ and writes down what is relayed to her. However, unlike the conversations series, Marlene’s book is concise. It is also elegant, feminine and instantly stimulates the heart.

The insights given include 9 spiritual principles, and much that provides comfort to those moving into a post-religious way of experiencing this life. That way of living means looking for answers inside of us rather than believing what has been told to us from outside by a figure of authority. The messages in The Soul Code can help us realise the connection to our higher selves which is, of course, inside us. If we choose this path it helps us take more personal responsibility.

I heartily recommend this book, it certainly helped me lift my vibration and wish Marlene all the success in the world.
Kim Kirkman.
Lift Gallery – Maleny