The Soul Code – 33 Days is a channelled book. Beautifully and simply written over 33 consecutive days, it is a collection of questions and answers.

The questions are the ones we are all asking and answers to life’s biggest questions are clearly detailed throughout the book.

The message that is presented is an affirmation for each of us: we are not alone, we all have a coherent connection to our higher self. This is the part of us that waits, to be discovered and incorporated into our daily experience. It is here we find guidance and support.

The Soul Code shines a light on the journey of our Soul, as it gives us a greater understanding of how we progress our Conscious Self: our reason for Being.

Information is revealed that helps us make sense of our lives as well as the lives of those around us.
Profound, grounded and concise, the message is uplifting, it supports who we are and what we are doing in this present moment.

The Soul Code – 33 Days is Marlene’s first book in this series.


Day 2.

What you see outside yourself is a reflection of what is inside, a person, an individual, each one of us.

Day 4.

The meaning of life is life itself.

Day 5.

We judge because we were also judged and it has become habitual.

Day 7.

We are a Soul and all else reflects only our journey back to who we are, back to our Source.

Day 8.

Each of you are here on this earth to get in touch with the lightest part of yourself. The God that is within you.

Day 10.

Release yourself into your destiny every day.

Day 16:

The effect that other people’s emotions have on youconnect solely to the emotional state you are in at the time.

Day 17.

Real progress comes from understanding it is not about moving forward, it is about the process of standing still and connecting and reconnecting to the power within ourselves, each and every one of us, that uplifts our Soul and gives our lives meaning.

Day 19.

Love is the light within us all. It is The Light. When we share our Love, we share our light.

Day 23.

We are the creators of all our experiences.