The Code of God – 33 Days takes us on a journey of self-discovery, as a series of questions and answers, awaken an awareness within us, of where we place our focus.

A focus that has drawn us to connect with who we are individually, and stopped us from remembering what is behind the experience we are having. We are encouraged to remember our universal connection, our interconnectedness with all things. The God that is within us.

The information offered in this book is a mediation, where ideas are presented that clarify and open up alternative ways of seeing the truths, that are at the base of our evolving beliefs.

We are not where we perceive ourselves to be and our path towards discovering where we are, needs our attention.
In the code of God, we explore the myths that we have used to define who we are, and we re-discover that we are so much more than we believe ourselves to be. We are more than we ever imagined possible.

The Code of God – 33 Days is Marlene’s second book in this series.


Day 2

Our real connection, lies in being able to recognise ourselves in each other.

Day 5

Along with the peace makers, the healers, and the seers, we now need mediators who stand and offer an alternative way of looking at situations, and who transfer, uplift, and open up new ways of progressing our life here now.

Day 7

We come here from our belief in ourselves. ///

Day 12

Your higher self is a composite of all that you are, have been, and will become. ///

Day 13

Embrace your difference because it leads you to the things you would, and need to see.

Day 15

As we progress ourselves, we realize that our life continues to repeat itself until we awaken. ///


Imagine Love – Imagine Light, and stand with the God you are. ///

Day 27

We are the guidance we seek to find and the gift that waits to be recognized.

Day 28

We are here to realign ourselves, outside of our original environment, with our original self.

Day 31

You are encouraged to move beyond the mind to share an experience.